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On a hundred acres, Westerham Farm & Studio is centered around a two-story brick Federal home built in 1734 by a British Sea Captain. Its history through the years has been interesting, as one can imagine, but today it is home to 30 stunning llamas as varied and diverse as its own history.

We are John and Debra McDougall. Our passion for these gracious and intelligent animals began six years ago when our daughters, Lucy & Audie, became involved in a local 4-H Club designed for the young llama enthusiast.


Our subsequent immersion in the llama community provided us with an introduction to some of the warmest, friendliest, giving and genuinely interesting (in the best sense off the word…of course) folks we had ever had the pleasure to meet and spend time with. Not only did this new circle of friends change our lives, they cemented our commitment to the raising, care and future of the camelid known as the “Llama”.

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Welcome to our Home……Welcome to our Farm!