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Geekshealth includes a directory of the best supplement manufacturers, a list of recommended dietary supplements and a list of Geekshealth Consulting Professionals. Geek’s Health does not sell any products; Geekshealth is a membership site where you become a member for free and then pay to have access to the supplement database. Members also get access to the Geeks Health blog, a library of free articles, a chat room, and a forum for discussing all issues related to supplement use and health in general.

The Geeks Health Review is a blog by John H. Gibson, PhD, a practicing chiropractic physician. He is the president of Geeks Health Solutions, LLC, a direct selling company that sells nutritional and dietary supplements. Gibson is a long time health researcher, practicing as a chiropractor and medical consultant. His research and writings have been used as the basis for many national and international publications, including a book and audio series.

This review is based on the company’s website, which does not give much information about its origin or purpose.There are references to the visit the official source medical claims made by the Geeks Health Products, but not enough to confirm those claims. Also, the site does not list any of the Geeks Health Ingredients, despite the fact that this company markets many health products that contain herbs and other natural ingredients. Instead, the website leads you to a “Contact Us” page, which contains contact information only for the owner, and does not provide any additional contact information.

One of the ingredients listed on the Geekshealth website is Spirulina, which is a blue-green algae extract. It is not clear from the website whether or not the algae was cultivated or manufactured in a lab, or if the nutrient rich substance came from seawater. Regardless, spirulina is known for its high nutritional value, including protein, iron, and vitamin B-12. The only nutrient not listed is vitamin C, another very important nutrient. Furthermore, the website does not list the proportions of other ingredients in the supplement, such as fiber, zinc, or other vitamins. If the supplement manufacturer provides a complete listing of all the ingredients in their supplements, then the site would be a good place to start in finding out more about the health supplement.

Geekshealth is not a well known health food supplement manufacturer. Their health products are mostly distributed through mail order catalogs, with very limited distribution through retail stores. The fact that they distribute widely through the internet makes them virtually impossible to find in regular stores, unless you know of a supplement store that specializes in natural health supplements. The company does carry health food and fitness items in many stores, though. This may help someone who is looking for a simple, no frills health supplement to buy privately, without having to seek out the help of a nutritionist or other health professional.

Geek’s Health has a very impressive website, which contains an array of health reviews. Their main review site contains a detailed list of the number of ingredients in every bottle, their percentage in each product, and a list of some of the health claims each product is claimed to support. The other sites offer other health and fitness tips, reviews of individual ingredients, and reviews of the company’s products overall. If you are looking for a no frills, easy to use product to support your health, the ingredients list on Geekshealth sounds like a great choice